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The House of Istrian Olive Oil

Kuća istarskog maslinovog ulja

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The Museum part of the House of Istrian Olive Oil tells the story of olive growing in Istria through history.

A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to olive growing in the present days. Find out where olive trees are planted, what the Olive Oil Roads are, how olive oil influences our health and why was the Mediterranean diet included in the UNESCO list of immaterial heritage. Learn about the chemical and sensory analysis that every oil needs to go through and how experts taste olive oil.

Included in every visit to the House of Istrian Olive Oil are oil tastings led by a trained person. You will learn how to properly taste olive oil, which particular aromas and tastes to look for, how to recognize a top-quality extra virgin olive oil and differentiate it from industrially produced oils. You will have the opportunity to test and taste oils from a number of top Istrian producers and try a selection of varietal oils of different taste and aroma.

* Working hours during summer:

June and September: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

July and August: 9:30 am - 22:00 pm


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