Dvigrad - old medieval city

Općina Kanfanar

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The ruins of the medieval town Dvigrad are the most important and best-known cultural heritage of the Kanfanar municipality. The name ˝Dvigrad˝ (Duo Castra, Due Castelli, Dvegrad) indicates the existence of two parts of the town (Moncastel and Parentin) that have been mentioned since 9th and 10th century as a unique town. The mutual name remained even after the collapse of the castle Parentin, when only Moncastel remained.

Dvigrad is situated in Limska Draga, in a deep valley spreading from Limska Draga Fjord to Pazin. The settlement is located at an altitude between 150 and 175 meters above the sea level. Today it is possible for visitors to see the ruins of Moncastel (Parentin castle, the other part of Dvigrad, was destroyed to the ground and a plateau is all that remains). The part of the town protected by the first fortification belt is reached through the existing town gate. The other gate, built in the second fortification ring, stands further down the path. That is how the town was entered: door-to-door. Along the big watchtower on the town’s south side, the path leads to the third and final gate, behind which the town center lies.


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